Did you know that commercial voiceovers are not about you? Kind of harsh, huh? Not really.

Why are so many companies being sucked dry by ineffective TV commercial voice overs and radio campaigns? Because all too often, we let our egos get in the way of good salesmanship. As commercial voice over actors a big part of our job is to show clients how a good commercial can feed their business — instead of a bad commercial feeding their ego.

When clients describe a commercial, they have in mind, the company is often the star. They use commercial voice overs to talk about their products, their services, and their history in the community on radio and TV. They speak of awards they’ve won, achievements they’ve achieved, parades they’ve marshalled. But while understanding your business’s strong points is a great place to start, it’s only a small part of the sales equation.

Because fundamentally:
If your commercial accomplishes its goals, it’s a good commercial. Period. Notice that I haven’t mentioned concept, cleverness, visual appeal, or artistry. That’s because while such factors may appeal to your ego, they don’t sell or motivate customers (at least not by themselves). In fact, a simple, inexpensive commercial can be very effective — good news for small businesses with limited advertising budgets.

As a full-time commercial voice actor my delivery styles range from relatable and approachable to friendly and conversational. I have over 500 clients in 85+ countries and I would love to earn your business. Please email me David@DavidBrowerVO.com and let’s get started.

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Please email me David@DavidBrowerVO.com and let’s get started.