I provide male voice over for political ads, and like you, I notice how almost everybody complains (except maybe the politicians) when our TV, cable, and satellite programs are just loaded with what feels like back-to-back political ads? As my granddaughter, Paisley would say “Oh Mylanta”. It’s crazy, right?

Two Major Things That Cause This Insanity:

  1. Radio and TV stations MUST let political ads on their air for the lowest rate that their best advertisers earn. So, guess what? Voice over for political ads end up bumping the stations’ best advertisers because there is not enough inventory.
  2. You have heard, I’m sure, the term: “Truth in Advertising.” Well, that applies to every single form of advertising there is EXCEPT for voice over for political ads. So all the exaggerations, presumed falsehoods, talking smack, and the like are all just perfectly OK in today’s political environment.


Back in the days BEFORE all this idiocy there was one political race that caught the world’s attention and it had absolutely nothing to do with lack of accountability like you see and hear in today’ political commercials.

And that was: The first Kennedy-Nixon debate.

In 1960 Seventy-five million viewers watched the Kennedy-Nixon debate and in2020 only Seventy-three million viewers watched the Biden-Trump debate.

As a full-time voice actor and sound designer my delivery styles range from relatable and approachable to friendly and conversational. I have over 500 clients in 85+ countries and I would love to earn your business.

I write, produce, and deliver political advertising for any politician, ballot measure, or PAC.
You can hear a sample of my voice over for political ads on my website: DavidBrowerVO.com.

Please email me David@DavidBrowerVO.com and let’s get started.