As a part of voice over coaching and voice over consulting

I’ll help you figure out how to execute the proper delivery, the one the client is looking for. Not necessarily the one you hear in your head.

As a Voice Over Coach

I’ll teach you the basic steps to use each time you read ANY script.
Text Analysis – what is it and how will it help every read you will ever do?

  1. Who are you?
  2. Where are you?
  3. Who is the one person you are speaking to?
  4. Where are you? How are you communicating? Face to face? PowerPoint? Video? Large Group? Small Group?

As a Voice Over Consultant

I’ll help you discover your niche among these demo genres:
The seven (7) most sought-after categories for voice actors?

  1. Commercials
  2. Corporate (internet, sales, web)
  3. eLearning
  4. Luxury
  5. Medical Narration
  6. Audio Books
  7. Conversational

As a Voice Over Consultant

I’ll help you discover your VOICE AGE?
Physical age means nothing. What age can you sound like?

  1. Teen
  2. Young Adult
  3. Adult
  4. Middle-Aged
  5. Senior

As a Voice Over Consultant

When it comes to marketing, KEY WORDS will be vital to not only your website but LinkedIn, etc. Here are a few examples: “Storyteller” “Gravitas” “Warm” “Deep” “Trustworthy” “Authentic” “Authoritative” “Comforting.”

As a Full-Time Voice Actor

My delivery styles range from relatable and approachable to friendly and conversational. I have over 500 clients in 85+ countries and I would love to earn your business.

I write, produce, and deliver voice over projects of all types.
You can hear several of my various demos on my website:

Please email me and let’s get started.