Medical Narration voice over projects are mostly done Peer to Peer, medical professional to other medical personnel or Peer to Patient, where the medical professional is talking with a patient or potential patient.

Here are a two examples of medical voice over narration Peer to Peer:

  1. Let’s begin by considering these three patients: Mary, Paul, and Morris. Which of these patients do you think might benefit from a palliative care approach? Click the image of each patient to view their profile. Then select Yes, No, or Unsure for each patient and click Submit. Who would benefit from a Palliative Care approach?
  2. This medical terminology course teaches learners how to understand hundreds of medical terms, covering parts of the body, symptoms, conditions, treatments, and procedures. It is ideal for medical administrators, healthcare assistants, carers, medical secretaries, and international healthcare workers. Students learn how to analyze different terms by looking at their roots, mostly derived from old English, Latin, or Greek

Here are a two examples of medical voice over narration Peer to Patient:

  1. Social anxiety can be overwhelming. You might shake, sweat, or feel panicky. You may feel embarrassed when you are in a group. You may worry that you are being judged. You just feel so isolated. These are some signs of social anxiety disorder. It is a real medical condition that can get in the way of your daily life.
  2. Throughout her life a woman’s medical needs vary greatly and our expertly trained staff is here for you and your children every step of the way. In this video you’ll learn how we treat fertility problems and high-risk pregnancies; tour our neonatal and pediatric intensive care units and meet our pediatricians and gynecological specialists

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