E-learning. E-learning stands for electronic learning. Voice over e learning allows users to take courses online using electronic devices, such as a computer, tablet and even a smartphone. With e-learning voice over, users can take courses from all around the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. VO for e-learning is a proven and effective way to educate your employees while tracking their participation and assessment, all at a small fraction of the cost of traditional training.

Using vo e-learning in your business, you can remove travel costs for your employees, as well as accommodations, and training materials. Voice over e-learning courses are easy to maintain and update. With the power of e-learning voice over, you allow your employees to learn at their own pace.


Here’s an example:

This APM Project Management Fundamentals Qualification assumes little. If you have any project management experience, its main purpose is to introduce you to the basics of project management. This e-learning voice over course will outline a set of tools, techniques, and ways of working, which would be of use in any project environment. It is ideal for those wishing to gain a broad understanding of the principles of the profession. The syllabus assesses the key elements of the project management’s life cycle, and covers knowledge areas including planning and scheduling, communication, teamwork, resource management, project risk management, and project reviews are all delivered by a profession voice actor. Assessment is through a 60-question multiple choice examination that takes over one hour.

A great example of voice over e-learning.

As a full-time voice actor and sound designer my delivery styles range from relatable and approachable to friendly and conversational. I have over 500 clients in 85+ countries and I would love to earn your business.

I write, produce, and deliver vo e-learning projects of any type.
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