voice over coach

“(insert  your name here __________

You have a great voice; you should be doing voiceovers.”

Don’t laugh…you know it’s true. Every single one of us has had that said to us at some point in our lives, right? Probably hundreds of times, if we really think about it, and over the course of many years as well.

Why do you think that is? 

Pretty simple, really. People hear our voice the way everybody else on the planet would hear it, given the chance. But to us? “NO WAY! What are they talking about? There is NO WAY that I could do that kind of work.” The answer is just plain physical. The way God has created us we will always sound different to ourselves than we do to other people. We are hearing our voice rumbling around in our heads so there is no physical way for us to hear what they hear. They are listening to your actual voice. Bottom line? Don’t trust YOUR ears, trust THEIRS!

Why not check it out?

People have told you that so many times that you have thought about so many times as well. But it’s like anything else in life…either FEAR gets in the way or LIFE gets in the way of taking a few baby steps to check it out. If fact just the thought of checking it out can feel overwhelming. “Where do I start? I know it will cost me thousands of dollars and I can’t afford that. What if they are wrong? I’m out all that time and all that money.”

What do you have to lose?

 Nothing is the ONLY answer. You have absolutely NOTHING to lose. 

What do you do next?

In a few minutes with a professional voice over coach you’ll discover one of two things: 1) NO you do not have a voice to do voiceovers! You can finally quit thinking about all those hundreds of people who told you that “you have a great voice”. They were so wrong that you no longer dream about a career in voiceover.  OR 2) Realize that “1” is just plain BS because after reading a couple of short scripts to a professional coach, and getting their honest feedback, you realize that you DO have the basic skills to become a voice-over talent after all. 

What are those “basic skills”?

Being a storyteller and that’s about it. Back in the day, it was all about “the voice”, the so-called perfect announcer voice. Now, virtually every client on the planet, when searching for voice talent, states the same criteria “no announcer types.” Can you read a book? Storyteller! Can you sit in the same room with friends or family and tell a story “About the time…”? Storyteller. Have you ever read a bedtime story to a small child? Storyteller. Have you ever been reminded of a great story in your life and you bring it back in your head? Reliving it in every way? Storyteller.

What are your “next steps”?

To take voice over lessons from a professional voice over coach.


So, you’ve finally DONE IT. You’ve taken the time, taken the risk, to see if all those people in your past were right after all only to find out that you do “have a great storyteller voice; you should be doing voiceovers.”

My name is David Brower and I’ve been a full-time voice actor for over 15 years. I’ve spent over 10 of those years coaching hundreds of people, just like you, to help them take baby steps into this career. So, what are you waiting for?