Transcript:                    Thanks Allan. This is David Brower with part two of our exciting interview with Mitchell Levy.

Mitchell Levy:               What’s fascinating is we all have something in us, we all have some expertise, some genius, some ability that the world, now when we define the world, the world does not have to be … this is the part of a know, like, and trust. On the know part, the world does not have to be the entire population of the world, or it could be if you’re dealing with chiropractors, it could be the chiropractic community. The world is the definition of the narrow audience that you serve. But what I’m saying is you got genius in the world, whatever that definition’s view, you need to hear it.

David Brower:               Right. Absolutely and wow, that’s just fascinating. So if somebody wants to … they’re going, “Aha,” and they’re going, “Well, I want to do that, how do I do that?” And they reach out to you at I should say and what’s the next step? How do you start the genius part?

Mitchell Levy:               Speaking of, the US government just awarded us our registered trademark for AHAthat.

David Brower:               Nice.

Mitchell Levy:               So I am elated.

David Brower:               Congratulations. That’s a big deal. Congratulations.

Mitchell Levy:               It’s a huge deal. It’s a long time coming on that one.

David Brower:               Yeah.

Mitchell Levy:               A lot of interactive back and forth. You can go to AHAthat, A-H-A-T-H-A-T dot com and if you’re interested in sharing content, we have 47,000 pieces of content. It is free to use, free to share.

David Brower:               Okay.

Mitchell Levy:               If you want to learn about the authoring process, you can go to and then one of the things that’s interesting is if you’re an auditory person and you want to listen to people talk about aha moments, go to because we have our authors who have read their aha books and we stream 24 hours a day aha thoughts if you want to learn about aha messages.

David Brower:               Oh my god. I’m signing up for that, absolutely.

Mitchell Levy:               If you want to reach out to me, the best thing you can do is go to our website, it’s, so it’s my name, M-I-T-C-H-E-L-L L-E-V-Y 360 dot com and what we’ll show you is the social media sites, or some of the social media sites I play on, and if you interact on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, I also am on Snap and Instagram, connect to me on the site that’s relevant for you, the place that you like to play and I’m happy to interact with you there.

David Brower:               Nice.

Mitchell Levy:               That’s

David Brower:               Okay. Let’s cut to the chase. I want to have a session with you, I want to get into your process, I want to have a book. What’s it gonna cost me?

Mitchell Levy:               Our base price, by the way base prices always change, so go now.

David Brower:               Right, right.

Mitchell Levy:               Versus next year. So our base price is $9500, so nine thousand five hundred.

David Brower:               All right.

Mitchell Levy:               We’re … what’s fascinating about that, let me tell you what you get. We’ll do the two hour interview. By the way, if you process the world orally, i.e. you tell stories versus kinesthetic or visual, it might be a three hour interview.

David Brower:               Makes sense.

Mitchell Levy:               So Bill, he’s an oral processor, it’s three hours. I’ll know that pretty quickly. I hear aha messages when I talk. We’ll do the two hour interview. You then will get the manuscript back from our writers and you give us ideas for the cover, you give us ideas for images. We put images inside the book and we also print in color. So for $9500, at the end of the day what you should imagine is four months down the road … if before four months from now you want to be an Amazon best-selling author, that’s what we do for now.

David Brower:               Oh my god.

Mitchell Levy:               You’ll have 25 hard cover books. Now hard cover is for those people you’re charging more money to and you want to really just blow them away so I’m gonna do this, hopefully you can hear this well.

David Brower:               Yes.

Mitchell Levy:               That’s me knocking on my hard cover book.

David Brower:               There you go.

Mitchell Levy:               It sounds like it’s powerful.

David Brower:               Yep.

Mitchell Levy:               You’ll get 100 paperback books. We also deliver a PDF, so PDF you use for lead gen, so if you’re … you know, you can give your PDF away and collect email addresses on Kindle and then we have a platform called Aha That, which we just got the registered trademark for.

David Brower:               Well yes you did, congratulations.

Mitchell Levy:               Yes we did. So Aha That has 750,000 users so the aha moments, those aha messages that are part of your book also then goes on the Aha That platform, and those users on Aha That are looking for content to share, so you’ll see other people sharing your content on social media, and every piece of content you create, we give attribution back to you as the author, so you want other people sharing your content because you get attributed to that.

David Brower:               Absolutely.

Mitchell Levy:               Then the last thing we do for the 9500, we’ll also run the Amazon best-selling campaign. We will then give you an opportunity to be able to say I’m an Amazon best-selling author, or if we’re lucky or if you know people around the world, you can end up being an international best-selling author.

David Brower:               Wow. Can you imagine that folks? I mean seriously. If you … I know some people are going, “9500 bucks, seriously?”, and then other people are going, “Well, wait a second. I can have a book in four months, not long after that I can be an Amazon best-seller, and if I have contacts around the world I can be an international best-seller.” You’re sitting around the dinner table and you go, “Hey, Frank, did you know that I’m an international Amazon best-seller?” And the world changes. Just by having those few words.

Mitchell Levy:               It is surprising what a credibility piece like a book or a TEDx or just whatever is your community, people will resonate with. Let me pool it all together for you.

David Brower:               Absolutely, please do.

Mitchell Levy:               If I have … if I’m sitting in a room. Let’s say … we’ve all gone to these events where there are 50 people and we all get our 10 to 15 seconds to introduce ourselves. Let me tell you what I’m gonna say. I’m gonna hold a copy of my book, which is a bright orange book with a picture of my face on it. I’m gonna hold that towards my chest. I’m gonna say, “Mitchell Levy, global credibility expert and TEDx speaker and international best-selling author of the book, “Being Seen and Being Heard as a Thought Leader.”

David Brower:               Wow.

Mitchell Levy:               So I’m throwing in the TEDx credibility piece, I’m throwing in the fact that I’m an international best-selling author and the title of my book speaks to those people who want to then they themselves be seen and be heard.

David Brower:               Right.

Mitchell Levy:               As a thought leader or as a recognized expert and I don’t have to say anything else. I don’t have to say my services are or whatever, any of that silly stuff that people do at these events.

David Brower:               Right.

Mitchell Levy:               I just have to say, “This is what I do.” Here’s an envelope of credibility.

David Brower:               You’re sharing an aha moment that lets them know, like, and trust you virtually immediately, and they’re going, “Aha,” because at the beginning, they’re going, “Oh, crap. We’re gonna have like a 20-minute intro and we’ve got to go get coffee and this guy’s gonna talk about himself,” and in 15 seconds you’re ready to go. You’re in the game. Let’s go.

Mitchell Levy:               Exactly.

David Brower:               I love that, I love that. Holy buckets.

Mitchell Levy:               By the way, love the aha. I’ll just say aha to you.

David Brower:               Right. Right. Oh my lord. So again, people want to reach out to you, they can go to …

Mitchell Levy:      That’s how you can figure out how to reach out to me. If you’re just curious and want to see the three step offering process or if you wanted to book 30 minutes of my time, if you’re like I’m hearing this right now and oh my god, I don’t know if I’m the right person for the book or I don’t know if my topic is perfect enough, go to and on that page you’ll see our three step writing process, you’ll see what we do, you’ll see all of our prices, and you’ll see an opportunity to click on the calendar where you can book 30 minutes of my time.

David Brower:               Nice.

Mitchell Levy:               I’m happy to talk to you, and by the way, just so you know and you won’t be offended, I’m happy to tell you that we shouldn’t do your book.

David Brower:               That’s where the authenticity comes in, right.

Mitchell Levy:               Yeah. Let me be clear. If you’re doing the book for the right reason and what we can do can help you in terms of who you are, at the end of the day … here’s the thing. If you’re thinking that a book by itself is gonna help you, know it’s kind of like a tree falling in a forest. No one’s around but the tree really falls. If you wrote a book and published a book, whether we did it or anyone else did it, if you don’t tell anyone about it, it’s not gonna help you.

David Brower:               Exactly.

Mitchell Levy:               By the way, here’s the most important element. The book that you write can’t just be something you have expertise in. It has to be something you have expertise in that will then attract the type of people who want to get to know you and buy that extra piece.

David Brower:               Right.

Mitchell Levy:               So you’ve got to be careful because we all end up, as life goes on, we get really good at acquiring skills, but [inaudible 00:10:11] making money, the question you always ask yourself is why am I doing a book on that? I often in that half hour, we may shift your focus of what book you’re doing but I guarantee you’ll have a number of aha moments and I will leave you with the title of the book that you should be writing, and whether or not you work with us or not, I’m happy to do that, because once again, it’s what I love doing, it’s my core value. It’s summarizing the essence of you into an asset called a book, and we could summarize that with a book title and that’s what I’ll give you at the end of the half hour.

David Brower:               That’s fascinating, because really, most of us, we don’t know what we don’t know. So if I can spend 30 minutes with you, just knowing all right, I’m gonna give this guy 30 minutes. Let’s see what’s true and what’s not true. Am I gonna know, like, and trust this guy, am I gonna kick him to the curb? I’m gonna give him a shot. They spend 30 minutes with you and the end of the 30 minutes you give them a book title. Holy crap. If that doesn’t get their attention, I don’t know what does.

Number two, just by listening to you today, they can obviously pick up on your expertise, your generosity, your passion … I mean it’s just … the package comes across in these few minutes as I know their 30 minute discussion with you will be even more over the top. Is that another aha moment?

Mitchell Levy:               I thank you for seeing me. I really appreciate that.

David Brower:               Oh man, this has been so much fun. We … wow. I’m hypnotized. Folks, you want to go to Mitchel Levy, that’s L-E-V-Y, and you can get all of his social contact on there so you can get on with social media. You really want to go to and you’ll be able to look at the three step process, have them write your book, what the writing process is about, reasons to have a book. You can view an example of a book and you can also go to and be able to hear what some other people have done with this and I’m talking like what, 750,000 people you have involved in your social stuff?

Mitchell Levy:               I wish I could say 750,000 authors, not yet.

David Brower:               Right, right.

Mitchell Levy:               But yeah, Aha That has I think we just topped, but I still say 750 because it’s a nice number, but I think we’re over 800,000.

David Brower:               Nice.

Mitchell Levy:               These are people who are in the platform, who are looking for content to share on social media. That’s the thing, at, if you do nothing else, if you’re not ready for your book, go to We have 47,000 pieces of content pieces of content and it’s free to use, free to share. It’s … this is a case where I’ve [inaudible 00:13:18] and worked with our programming team once a week and we’re doing some amazing stuff.

David Brower:               Yeah.

Mitchell Levy:               We’re just about ready to release a [inaudible 00:13:28] plug in where you can take any aha book and put it on your site, so if you want evergreen content to appear on your site, even if it’s not yours, I like this thought leader, I love what they’re saying and let me just put their book on my site and then every time somebody comes to your site, they’re getting a new aha message they get to see from that author which they can share on social and they’re thinking, “Well, this is good functionality.”

David Brower:               Right.

Mitchell Levy:               “I want to come back again.”

David Brower:               The fact that you’ve got so many authors sharing your aha moments. I mean everybody is helping everybody over the course of this process because they believe in your book and you believe in their book. Wow. Fascinating. It is It is Aha That, that is A-H-A That., by the way, which is a registered name now.

Mitchell Levy:               Surprising how that works, yeah. Very cool stuff. Thanks for throwing that in there.

David Brower:               Oh my god, you’re so welcome. Seriously. Check it out. I am pretty darn sure, like 99.99% sure that you’ll find an aha moment there. Mitchell, thank you so much for your time sharing everything that you do. This has been a real treasure, man, a real joy.

Mitchell Levy:               My pleasure. I thought you were gonna say 99% chance that you’ll see a book from me in there sometime in the future.

David Brower:               Well, you never know.

Mitchell Levy:               There’s a 100% chance you’re gonna have an aha moment.

David Brower:               You never know. Continued success, buddy. Nice to talk to you.

Mitchell Levy:               Thanks, David. Same here.

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