Allan Blackwell:            Welcome to Your 20-Minute Podcast with David Brower, where we do our best to give you useful information in 20 minutes or less. Now, here’s your host, five-time Voice Arts Awards’ nominee, David Brower.

David Brower:              Thanks, Allan, this is David Brower with your 20-minute podcast. Our special guest today is James Goi, Jr. He’s also known as the Attract Money Guru. He’s the best-selling author of How to Attract Money Using Mind Power, a book that set a new standard for concise, no-nonsense, straight to the point self-help books. He condenses and simplifies abstract metaphysical concepts and powerful success principles, making this life-changing information accessible to everyone. He’s written 10 books so far, and you can also see James in the groundbreaking docudrama, Think and Grow Rich: The Legacy. James, welcome to the show. I’m happy to have you here today. You’ve got some great things going on.

James Goi, Jr:               Well, thank you, David, and thanks for having me. It’s a joy to be here.

David Brower:              You bet. I noticed on the cover endorsement of your book, How to Attract Money Using Mind Power, Dr. Joe Vitale, who’s the best-selling author of The Attractor Factor, and also a star of the hit film, The Secret, wrote, “I love this book. It’s practical and inspiring. A real gem.” And, really, whenever you write a book, you want it to be practical and inspiring, right? So, that’s a great testament to what you’ve done here.

James Goi, Jr:               Yeah, that’s a great blurb that he gave me for that book.

David Brower:              Let’s talk about the Attract Money Guru. How did you acquire that moniker?

James Goi, Jr:               Basically, because I focused so much on … I teach a lot of metaphysics and spirituality, of course, but for practical, modern-day purposes I focus on practicality of using these techniques and principles to attract money. So, over the years, people have called me a guru or a wizard or things like that, and finally it just kind of came out the Attract Money Guru, and I liked that, and that’s what I went with.

David Brower:              Well, it stuck because it’s true, right? Things don’t just show up arbitrarily, it has to have some substance to it and, obviously, that is stuck with you. You’ve written a lot of books: How to Attract Money Using Mind Power, The Metaphysical Secrets of Manifesting Money, Advanced Manifesting Made Easy, Attract Money Forever. It just goes on, and all of them with great reviews by the way, so you must have quite a following.

James Goi, Jr:               Well, I’m blessed for the following I do have, that’s for sure. Of course, there’s many levels of following, so I’m still definitely on the journey.

David Brower:              Isn’t that the truth? That’s a great place to be is just on the journey. If you get to the end too soon, you don’t know what you might have missed.

James Goi, Jr:               Yeah, that’s right, so the fun is in the journey. Everyone is always striving to be somewhere, but you do want to know where you’re going, whether it’s the money you want to create or whatever, but you want to really enjoy the process because that’s the stuff life is made out of.

David Brower:              Absolutely right, so let’s break down what abstract metaphysical concepts are to us laypeople? How do you define that?

James Goi, Jr:               Right, abstract metaphysical concepts, right. To most people, a lot of what I teach or what is taught in metaphysics seems very abstract because it goes against the common, accepted, day-to-day worldview, as the world existing independent of the individual, and having a certain substance and presence of its own. There’s other people out there, there’s forces of nature, there’s market cycles, business cycles, and all of these things. So, in the normal view, people will think that it’s kind of the law of the jungle. It’s who you know, what you know, your education, business cycles, where the stock market’s at, and really the metaphysician or the mind-power practitioner understands that there’s a much more abstract thing going on, which is that mind is molding all of this: our thoughts and feelings, the images we hold in our minds. Human beings are actually creating all of this.

Quantum physicists and modern-day science teaches us that there’s actually nothing solid. We used to think there was solid particles within molecules, but that they’re not there, so there’s really nothing solid. So, for most people, this is abstract, and it’s hard for them to wrap their minds around, but it’s where the real power lies. Now, you can just go out there and meet the world and the markets and business on its own playing field not knowing any of this, and of course you get results, but you’re using all of the mind power anyway. You have belief, you have expectancy, you’re having goals, you’re imaging certain things, and you’re using it all anyway, but when you understand the process and then you can sit back and do a lot less out there, more of the interior work which people think of as abstract, but that’s where the real results come. I’m excited about the fact that a lot of famous people are coming forward: Barbara Corcoran is one, from the Shark Tank, who’s in the film that I’m have a small … blessed to have a small part in.

David Brower:              Yeah, I saw her testimonial in there. Yeah.

James Goi, Jr:               Right. Then you got Oprah, and you got Ellen, and you got Will Smith, and Jim Carrey, and the list goes on and on. So, it’s very exciting because these people carry a lot of clout, their word means something, and so they’re helping more people to open their minds to these concepts.

David Brower:              And to slowly but surely eliminate the word abstract so that people can actually embrace it and better understand what’s really going on in their brains anyway, right?

James Goi, Jr:               Right, so that it doesn’t seem so airy-fairy, and so that they start to understand that that actually even goes beyond their physical brain. There’s a mind. They have a subconscious mind, and it’s not housed within the physical brain, and it’s actually connected to all other subconscious minds, the universe at large. That’s the real power of mind power is not really … I mean, yes, it’s powerful that we can change our own subconscious beliefs and self-image and all, and that will change our own expectations of ourselves, our own abilities and what we recognize as far as opportunities, but it also goes out and has an effect on the broader world — events, circumstances, other people’s actions — will actually be affected by our mind power work. So, that’s the really great power.

David Brower:              What’s fascinating about that, to me, as you say that is, again, getting away from the abstract just a little bit, I think there’s plenty of examples in our own lives where we actually see, feel, touch those experiences, although they might just go by us. We might be touching a person walking by us on the street, and we really don’t know that, or we might have had an experience in work that touched somebody 10 years from now that we wouldn’t really know about. So, it’s a lot more, not complicated, but it’s a lot more involved than what we think about every day.

James Goi, Jr:               Right. It can be as simple as a kind word or an encouraging word when someone is down, but we also have some metaphysical-type people, new-agers would call it the aura or whatever, but we also emanate an energy from us, and we can have a positive impact. I know a person, personally, in my life who, wherever she goes, you can literally see if you know what to look for, everyone around her start getting lifted. That’s the kind of high, positive energy she has. She doesn’t have to say a word-

David Brower:              I love that.

James Goi, Jr:               … and they notice her. They’ll crank their heads around and turn around like they feel something, so we can have a profound effect on those around us through our words, our actions, our examples, but also purely through our energy.

David Brower:              That’s fascinating. I’m like most people, I don’t know what I don’t know about it, but I’m intrigued by it, I’m fascinated by it, and as you give examples of the woman with the aura that makes heads turn, if you stop and think about that, there’s somebody in each of our lives I think that we could conjure up that would go, “Well, yeah, I’ve seen that before, just never really thought about it that way.” You know?

James Goi, Jr:               Right. Like, the phrase says that, “They light up a room when they walk into it.” So, there are people around who have varying degrees of this spiritual energy. Some have it so profoundly and intensely that actually people physically feel better, physical ailments can clear up. I’ve got stories about things like that, where this one individual was around an advanced Alzheimer’s patient, who hadn’t even known her own name for years, certainly not her family and stuff, and in this person’s presence, started talking about the old days, showing photographs from the album, and everything else. Now, it was not permanent. When the person left their space and stuff, they sank back down gradually, but that’s what we can do if we raise our spiritual vibration. It has a very far-reaching impact and magical. What people would really term miraculous ways.

David Brower:              I had, I want to say, a similar circumstance. I’m not sure that’s the right word, but I’ll share it with you anyway. A longtime friend of mine, he was my college professor decades ago, and he was in ill health. He was a short time away from passing, and I was able to go down to Florida and see him and just spend a couple of hours with him and his wife. He was pretty dementia, didn’t remember a lot of stuff, was having trouble, conversations, and he and I just sat down and reminisced for an hour about things that we hadn’t thought about, talked about, or anything from 25, 30 years ago. His wife just sat there in total amazement that we were having that kind of conversation, and it just, to this day, gives me goosebumps and touches my heart that we were able to connect in such a way to have such a meaningful conversation after so many years.

James Goi, Jr:               Right. Well, you emanated something that snapped him back, and you were able to bridge that gap because, remember, all of this Alzheimer’s or whatever, dementia, everything else, it’s only in the physical brain, and there is a higher part of us that’s completely clear of that. So, we don’t really fix people’s brains, we actually tap into a higher part of them, and that’s the one we have the conversation with.

David Brower:              Fascinating. One of the great quotes, and I saw it in the trailer for the movie that you mentioned, and I’ve heard it for years and years and never really knew where it came from until I was taking a look at some stuff about you, and that is, “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve,” from Napoleon Hill. I think that came … wasn’t that out of his book from the 1930s or something like that?

James Goi, Jr:               Right, from Think and Grow Rich, which is what the film is based on. Right.

David Brower:              Yeah. That’s always stuck with me, and I could never tell you why or where I ever heard it from, but when I saw it on the trailer of that movie, I’m going, “Well, yeah, I know that.”

James Goi, Jr:               Well, and if you … people look at that phrase and they think, “Oh, that sounds great,” but they don’t really look at it, and the first word is whatever.

David Brower:              Yeah. Exactly.

James Goi, Jr:               Whatever. That is a very powerful word, and I believe that that is an exactly true statement. We can defy the law … I mean, I personally have seen in my life with divine intervention and things, but all the so-called laws of nature that are in place — gravity, inertia, momentum — we can actually override those. Whatever we can conceive and believe, we can go from zero education and money to a billionaire, and we can go from getting smashed up in wreckage and coming out without a scratch, which I have done. Yeah, whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve.

David Brower:              That is the keyword, and I’ve had some divine-intervention stuff, and that really captured me when I read that again today. I hadn’t seen that for a very long time. So, when people want to get information from you, obviously you’ve got books everywhere, they can find you on Amazon, they can go to your website, that’s G-O-I, and learn more about you, but if they’re really intrigued, if they looked through your stuff, they spot check a couple of books, and they’re going, “Man, I really need to learn more about this,” how do they reach out to you, number one, and how do you decide who and how and when you can help somebody?

James Goi, Jr:               Right. Well, the best thing to do right off the bat is for people just to plug-in, and by that I mean go to my website and subscribe to a free monthly Mind Power & Money Ezine. So, now you’ve got your plug in the socket. You’re getting motivation, inspiration, information every month on this subject and related subjects, and when they do that, by the way, they get a free PDF copy of my book, Attract Money Forever, which is a companion book to How to Attract Money Using Mind Power. So, that’s a great way to start.

I routinely answer questions, public questions and private questions, on social media, and also that I get in private emails. So, people read my book, or even if they haven’t read it and they have a question or something, I routinely spend some time doing that, just freely helping to clear things up for people. I do offer coaching. People can go look that up on my website, but I don’t really push it or encourage it. Everything that I can tell you, a lot of it that people are looking for, it’s in the books, but for people who can afford it, because my time’s valuable to me, there is coaching available. But just plug in. It’s free. Get the free PDF, and just get started like that.

David Brower:              And you’re everywhere on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Gmail, LinkedIn, Messenger, Tumbler. There’s lots of places for folks to reach out and connect with you. Of course, James G-O-I Jr.,, and all kinds of books available on Amazon. His coaching’s available. There’s a lot of free materials on here, folks, that can help give you an epiphany or two, and as you like to say, “Books to awaken, uplift, and empower.” It’s fascinating work that you do. How long have you been doing this?

James Goi, Jr:               Well, I first got into my metaphysical and spiritual studies, mind-power studies, shortly after coming to California. I was 19, so within my early 20s there, and I’m almost 60 now. So, that’s when I got into the study, and it took hold of my life. It became my life to a very large degree: collecting hundreds of books and reading them, and within a few short years teaching around San Diego and over in Sedona, Arizona, and then … but I first had the idea … and I wrote some metaphysical booklets that I used to teach classes on things, but I first had the idea for how to attract monies and mind power about 1999 or so. I remember Y2K was coming up, and it took me eight years or nine years to actually write the book because I collected up hundreds of quotes and I read hundreds of books, and we moved between states several times and things. Then I published a book in 2007, so as being published and actually getting on social media and all of that, that’s been since 2007 now.

David Brower:              Wow. That’s quite a track record. Congratulations to you, and being in San Diego and Sedona is not bad, right?

James Goi, Jr:               That’s right. I’m in San Diego now. Well, I moved here from New Jersey, and I just … this is really home base now. I’ve lived in some other states, and every time I did move I thought it was for good. Like, “I want to live in Montana. I want to live in Hawaii. I want to live in Oregon,” but I always came back, and I’ve been back for quite a while now, and so this is where I’ve landed.

David Brower:              Good for you. You’re on YouTube as well. What kind of things can people find on your YouTube channel?

James Goi, Jr:               Well, I haven’t done YouTube for a while, but I got some great stuff on there, and one is my How to Attract Money Using Mind Power Series. It’s actually 20 videos, one video for the subject matter of each of the 20 chapters of the book, and then I got some other miscellaneous things from talks I’ve given and things like that, so that’s a great resource also. Yeah, thanks for mentioning that. I do want to get more active with that as time comes up, but people can also just punch in my name on YouTube, and find videos and things that other people have done, like interviews I’ve done. They can also go to my website and look at the radio page. I’ve got a lot of links to archived recordings both video and audio.

David Brower:              Fascinating. Folks, it’s a great place to spend a few minutes and get your eyes awakened, as he said, awakened to all kinds of things that most of us haven’t really thought about much at all, if very little. So, fascinating, How To Attract Money Using Mind Power, and he’s on a mission to help people everywhere to lead a more prosperous and rewarding life. So, Doc … I still want to call you Doctor. James Goi, Jr, the Attract Money Guru. Real pleasure to talk to you, man, continued success.

James Goi, Jr:               Thank you, David, it’s been a pleasure. Thanks a lot.

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