Transcript:                    This is David Brower and our guest today is DaPorscha Rufus. Um, are you in Dallas, by chance?

DaPorscha Rufus:          Yes, I am.

David Brower:              Lucky guess.

DaPorscha Rufus:          (laughs)

David Brower:              (laughs) I read your bio, it makes me sound smart. (laughs)

DaPorscha Rufus:          (laughs)

David Brower:              You have the greatest laugh. Oh my goodness. That’s, uh, infectious.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Thank you! (laughs)

David Brower:              Oh my goodness. All right. DaPorscha, DaPorscha is from Dallas, and, uh, she was raised by a teenage mom with the help of God. She started reading and writing at a young age, not knowing that one day, she would help spread the love of Jesus Christ into all the earth, through her pain and passion. And through her hardships, uh, obviously you’ve realized there’s a bunch of beauty in the struggle, right?

DaPorscha Rufus:          Amen, David. Amen. You know, life is, life is what you make it, you know. And, life is unfair but, but God is forever faithful. You know, we’re gonna all go through trying times in life, and sometimes it is unbearable, you know. Sometimes you forget that the sun is, sun is shining outside. I know I’ve had my moments. So, you know, but, but in the end it, it’s beauty, you know? And God always turns our ashes into beauty.

David Brower:              That is a …

DaPorscha Rufus:          Definitely a living witness of that.

David Brower:              Good for you. A-, and if, if any of us were honest, uh, we would admit the same thing, but sometimes we choose not to be honest about those kinds of things, right?

DaPorscha Rufus:          Yes! Oh, yes. And hide behind the mask, yes.

David Brower:              We’d rather, we’d rather keep the mask on. So, you are author of, uh, Your Book. Is that what it’s called? Your Book? Yes, it is, okay?

DaPorscha Rufus:          Your Book from God. Correct.

David Brower:              All right. Uh, you’re a radio co-host of the Diversity of the Minds blog talk radio. You are a writer for Real Life, Real Faith magazine. You are a theatrical actress, actress for the Potter’s House, uh, in Dallas where, uh, Bishop TD Jakes, uh, resides. Big fan of his. Oh my gosh, big fan of his.

DaPorscha Rufus:          He’s awesome, isn’t he? Oh, I love him. I love him.

David Brower:              Yeah. Absolutely. I saw him years ago. It was a, uh, it was a worldwide video conference, uh, spiritual leadership, Global Summit. That’s what they called it.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Oh, yeah! Yeah.

David Brower:              Global Summit. And so I attended, uh, attended one of those, and that was my first exposure to him. And I’m going, “Oh, that guy’s the real deal.” You know, I mean …

DaPorscha Rufus:          Yeah, he is. (laughs)

David Brower:              And now he’s got his own TV show, and he’s really touching a lot of lives, so …

DaPorscha Rufus:          Yes, yes. That’s what it’s all about. Saving souls for Jesus.

David Brower:              That’s right.

DaPorscha Rufus:          You know, that’s why we’re here.

David Brower:              Well, tell me about your book. It says Your Book from God, but it has 366, not 365 …

DaPorscha Rufus:          Right.

David Brower:              Uh, opportunities. So, tell me about that.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Yes, absolutely. So, um, like you said, uh, it’s called Your Book from God. And basically, it’s a self-help daily devotional. Uh, it took me about four years to write it. Uh, I was in a very dark and desolate place a few years ago. Um, I had lost my job, uh, my car got repossessed. I had to move back in with my mom, and I was just going through a really tough time. And on top of that, my heart had just been shattered by a guy that I thought was the one I would spend, uh, the rest of my days with, you know. And, um, I am someone that, I don’t, like, vent to people. Like, you know, tell people all of my problems. You know, I usually keep everything just, just bottled up inside. And writing is like a scapegoat for me.

DaPorscha Rufus:          And I thank God for the gift of writing, because, um, when I was going through these trying times a few years ago, I would just write out my pain. You know, and that’s what I did. I didn’t know why I was writing. You know, I would just write how I felt from day-to-day, and then the Lord spoke to me one day and was like, “Write a book.” Now, mind you, I was going through all these, going through different trials and tests and, uh, facing all types of tribulations during the time, and, but I just kept writing and writing and writing, David. Not knowing that, eventually all of my pain and passion would turn into a book, which is, uh, Your Book from God.

David Brower:              Wow.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Wrote it from a place of, yeah! From a place of hopelessness, transparency, vulnerability. I was bitter at the time, because I was just going through so much. I hated life itself. I cursed my own existence and I even, you know, cursed God.

David Brower:              Sure.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Uh, you know, and I’m, I’m not afraid to admit that, because I was just like, “Why am I here?” You know, “My life sucks. There’s no reason for me to be here.” I just wanted to just, end it all. And I remember countless times, David, where I would just pray that God would just put me out of my misery.

David Brower:              Yep.

DaPorscha Rufus:          You know, I would pray to just kill me, just, just, I don’t, I don’t want to live anymore, you know. And, but God had other plans, you know. And here I am, four or five years later, giving people hope because I know what it’s like to be hopeless. I know what it’s like to be numb. I know what it’s like to just lay in your bed and just want to, just die. You know? And, you know, our pain pushes us. It propels us into our purpose, you know, and we all are passionate about something, and we could always find our passion when we realize that we have pain, you know?

David Brower:              Yeah.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Pain teaches you things that joy can’t, you know? And, and I thank God for my pain, because now I’m, I’m able to help people deal with their pain. I’m able to give people hope, you know, because I know what it’s like to, to despair of life itself.

David Brower:              When you’re in that dark, deep, and I speak from my own personal experience as well, when you’re in that really dark, I’m over it, kind of place …

DaPorscha Rufus:          Yeah.

David Brower:              And you find this, you find this gift of being able to write, how do you find the will to be transparent during all that?

DaPorscha Rufus:          Well, I, I’ve realized that when you’re transparent, and, um, you’re open. You’re willing to be open with people and with yourself, your, you identify with your true, authentic self. You know, when you hide behind a mask, you can’t really reach out to people. You can’t really, um, let your light shine, you know. And being transparent helped me a lot, because I was a person that just always kept my feelings on the inside, and kept my feelings in my pocket. But it takes a lot of strength, you know, to be courageous, and to be open and honest with yourself. Because oftentimes, you know, we do hide behind shields and masks, you know. Because it, it hurts to be transparent. But that’s where your strength lies, you know, in the pain. In, in your, um, in your place of darkness. In the trenches that, you know, and in the valleys.

David Brower:              No question.

DaPorscha Rufus:          So he helped me cope, you know, and helped me deal with a lot of things when I was just able to, to be free, and just let it all out, you know? And that’s what it’s all about, just being free and willing to be open. You know, be … And willing to be able to relate to people. Because we’re all, you know, bleeding in certain areas of our life.

David Brower:              Yeah, we’re all broken. There’s no question about that, right?

DaPorscha Rufus:          Yeah, we’re all hurting.

David Brower:              Yeah.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Regardless of who you are and what your status is, how much money you have in your bank account. We’re all hurting.

David Brower:              Yeah.

DaPorscha Rufus:          In some area, you know? And …

David Brower:              So, when you started, when you started writing. I’m going to assume, and tell me if I’m wrong, but I’m going to assume that it was therapeutic, to begin with.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Oh, yes.

David Brower:              Right? It was cathartic, it was c-, it was therapeutic. It was you and the page. And that was it.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Yes.

David Brower:              Right?

DaPorscha Rufus:          Yes.

David Brower:              And then, as you, as you became more and more honest with yourself, and more and more authentic and, and became more and more transparent to the page, when did, when did you hear God say, “DaPorscha, come on. Let’s do a book here”? When did it go from taking care of you, to wanting to take care of others, I guess?

DaPorscha Rufus:          Oh, that’s a great question, David. So, um, actually, I would just write and write and write, not knowing why. Because I was just hurting. I just had to find a way to release my pain. And I wanted to do more than just write on sticky notes and write in tablets, so I actually started sending out little text messages here and there. Um, I would call them Porscha’s Seeds of Hope.

David Brower:              Nice.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Which is actually my column in, uh, Real Life, Real Faith magazine. It’s really funny. And, um, I would just send, like, uh, everyone in my phone just a few little messages of hope. I did that for a few years, and I would, you know, post it on my social medias. I would get a few likes, a few shares here and there. But I realized that I wasn’t reaching … You know, I wasn’t re-, I was being effective, but I wasn’t content with just texting. You know, sending out little text messages.

David Brower:              Right. Right.

DaPorscha Rufus:          I wanted to reach more people. And so, you know, I had prayed about it. I was just like, “God, why am I just writing? Why am I just doing this? Why am I just sending text messages out to people and inspiring them? I want to do more.” You know, and I remember one day. I remember when God spoke to me. I was actually, um, lying in bed at my mom’s house, and that’s when the Spirit spoke to me. And God was like, “Write a book.”

David Brower:              Wow.

DaPorscha Rufus:          And I was just like, “Huh?”

David Brower:              (laughs)

DaPorscha Rufus:          You know, I had to, I thought I had to clean out my ears, like, because I was like, “No way! How can I write a book? And I can barely feed myself,” you know?

David Brower:              Right.

DaPorscha Rufus:          And … But, but when God, God has a plan for us all, you know, and I constantly, David, went back and forth with God. I was like, “No, this, this cannot be so. You cannot be telling me to write a book,” and I can’t even, I can barely even afford, you know, to do day-to-day things. You know, I could barely afford to take care of myself.

David Brower:              Right.

DaPorscha Rufus:          So how can I write a book and do all of this, and give people hope, when I, I barely know who I am, you know?

David Brower:              Wasn’t it a great epiphany, for lack of a better term, when, um, you decided not to be in control anymore?

DaPorscha Rufus:          Yeah, because I was constantly, you know, battling with God. You know, going back and forth and God wouldn’t leave me alone about it. You know, when God has a plan for your life, it must be fulfilled. Regardless of how much you try to stray away or run away, God’s work cannot return back up to him void, you know. And I constantly went back and forth. I mean, there was a time when it was, like, six months where I didn’t even pick up a pen and write because I was like, “No way. God cannot be telling me to write a book.”

David Brower:              Right.

DaPorscha Rufus:          I was just so defiant, you know? I was like, “No, this isn’t for me. Uh, he can’t be talking to me.” You know, I constantly battled with him. But this … In the end, you know, God won, of course.

David Brower:              Of course.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Because, like I said, his will must be done regardless of we agree with it, or we like it, or regardless of how far we try to stray away, um, his purpose must be fulfilled in our lives.

David Brower:              It, it’s amazing what happens when we get out of the way.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Yeah! We have to.

David Brower:              (laughs)

DaPorscha Rufus:          You know, we have to decrease ourselves so that he can increase. You know, and I got tired of God just …

David Brower:              Oh, well said.

DaPorscha Rufus:          He was nagging me, if that’s … Not to sound negative, but he wouldn’t leave me alone about this book.

David Brower:              Yeah.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Regardless of how much I didn’t write, I refused to write, or I didn’t type, or whatever. He, he was like, “Write the book.” Every day. It would be so heavy on my spirit and on my mind, I couldn’t break, break free from it. (laughs)

David Brower:              That’s awesome. So, in your 366, uh, devotionals, are those Bible scriptures? Are they things you’ve written? Are they a combination? How does that, how does your book work?

DaPorscha Rufus:          Yeah, absolutely. So, it consists of 366 days of inspiration. Uh, there’s, uh, it’s pa-, uh, words of hope. Uh, there’s poetry in there, and there are different prayers that touch different prayer points. So every day for 366 days, I discuss a different topic that, you know, we endure in life. I talk about pain, hopelessness, purpose, passion. Running away from God’s will. Um, emotions. How to be stable. I really try to discuss everything that we endure as human beings on this human voyage called life. And for each day, there’s either a Bible verse, or, like, a quote from, like, a celebrity or a philosopher. Because I wanted to reach, you know, every, all of God’s children.

David Brower:              Right.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Not, not everyone believes in God, of course. Not everyone believes in Jesus. Not everyone reads the Bible or understands the Bible, so I wanted to use biblical, uh, precepts as well as, just, you know, quotes so that I could be able to relate and to touch everyone. You know, because not everyone believes.

David Brower:              And I’m assuming, I’m assuming some of those quotes came from you. From your heart, right?

DaPorscha Rufus:          Um, well, yes. And, but a lot of the quotes are, like, from … Because I talk about different topics, so, depending on that topic for the day, I would just find a quote that aligned with that text. Or that day, if that makes sense.

David Brower:              Okay. Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely.

DaPorscha Rufus:          (laughs)

David Brower:              So, your cross-section of topics must be pretty vast.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Oh, yes. Yes, I, like I said, David. I try to discuss everything that we endure. I mean, I’ve talked about racism. I’ve talked about, just how the enemy loves division. I, I’ve really tried to cover just everything that my little mind could think of.

David Brower:              Good for you. Good for you.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Yeah, so there’s definitely a variety. Everyone would be able, will be able to relate to this book, titled it Your Book from God. (laughs)

David Brower:              That’s great. And, and, and I love the hand on the cover.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Oh, yes. The, the title. Yes, the book cover, absolutely.

David Brower:              Oh my gosh.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Because, you know, we’re all God’s children, you know. Regardless of we believe in him or not.

David Brower:              I know.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Uh, we, we all need him.

David Brower:              Yeah.

DaPorscha Rufus:          You know, oftentimes we stray away from God and we think we can do life on our own, but in the end, it just doesn’t, it, it doesn’t work. It doesn’t make sense.

David Brower:              Yep.

DaPorscha Rufus:          You know, because I’ve tried countless times to live life, live my life without God.

David Brower:              So, your book has been out for … Absolutely. So your book’s been out for four years?

DaPorscha Rufus:          Oh, no, no! It just came out, um, in July.

David Brower:              Okay.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Took me about four years to write.

David Brower:              Took you about four years. Okay.

DaPorscha Rufus:          But it’s, it’s fairly new. It’s about, um, maybe six months.

David Brower:              Nice.

DaPorscha Rufus:          I don’t know. I’m probably doing my math wrong.

David Brower:              Nice. So how can folks get the, get a copy of your book?

DaPorscha Rufus:          Yes, absolutely. So yes, guys. You can pick up your, Your Book from God, um, it’s available on, It’s also available on Google Books, in Christian books. And it’s also, um, it does ship internationally. So it’s available in the UK, Canada, um, Australia and Asia right now. And it’s, and it’s just growing like crazy and it’s, it’ll truly bless your spirit, you know. Because we, we all need hope, you know. We, we’re all trying to find our purpose. Our reason for being. And I know that Your Book will be a guide that’ll definitely touch you and uplift your spirit for 366 days.

David Brower:              So, to have that kind of distribution in that short a period of time, uh, there, that’s not even remotely a coincidence. That’s just remarkable.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Amen. To God be the glory, David. I thank him for it all, you know?

David Brower:              Right? Right? Yep.

DaPorscha Rufus:          I couldn’t have done it without him, that’s for sure. (laughs)

David Brower:              (laughs) So your book is, Your Book from God. 366, uh, devotions based on different topics. Shipping all over the country, all over the world. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and different places. And what about your, what about your website? How do people reach out to DaPorscha?

DaPorscha Rufus:          Yes, I’m actually working on my list. I had one up, but I didn’t like it. So I have someone else, uh, designing me a new website.

David Brower:              Okay.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Still under construction. Uh, but you could … You guys could definitely, uh, reach me on my social media pages. Um, my Facebook is, um, DaPorscha. I’ll spell that, it’s D-A-P-O-R-S-C-H-A superfly, all one word, and that’s Rufus. Which is my last name, R-U-F-U-S. My Twitter is @DaPorscha, spelled the same way, underscore, Rufus. And my Instagram is I am underscore DaPorscha.

David Brower:              Outstanding.

DaPorscha Rufus:          And my website will be up in about, uh, the next few days or in the next week or so.

David Brower:              Okay. Well, by the time folks listen to this, your website will be up. And what’s the, what will be the, uh, the title of your website? How do folks find you on your, uh, up and coming website?

DaPorscha Rufus:          Yes. It’ll be, uh,

David Brower:              Okay, easy.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Yeah! (laughs)

David Brower:              So, That’ll be, uh, by the time this airs, that’ll be live and, and, uh, all things great. So, that’s terrific, DaPorscha. Thank you so much for, uh, sharing your gifts with us, and your story.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Oh.

David Brower:              And, and gettin’ that, uh, book up there.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Thanks for having me, David.

David Brower:              And, most importantly, happy 27th birthday.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Thank you, thank you! Oh, and I forgot to mention, um, it’s available, um, in eBook and paperback.

David Brower:              Okay.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Forgot to mention that. Yeah, Kindle and Nook readers.

David Brower:              If you ever need an audiobook of it done, let me know.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Oh. What, what’d you say, David?

David Brower:              If you ever need an audiobook of it done, let me know.

DaPorscha Rufus:          Oh! I’ve been trying … I’ve been thinking about that, but I don’t know how to do that, you know, but wow! Oh, we’ll definitely have to talk about that off air, you know.

David Brower:              (laughs) All right. Well, continued blessings to you and your family and, um, it’s really been a, really been a treasure. Thank you so much. You’ve been listening to …

DaPorscha Rufus:          God bless you. (laughs)

David Brower:              You too. You’ve been listening to Your 20 Minute Podcast with David Brower, and our special guest DaPorscha Rufus. And don’t forget, it’s, uh, to check her out, and be sure to like us on Facebook at Your 20 Minute … Or, at