TRANSCRIPT:                 Thanks, Allan. This is David Brower with Your 20-Minute Podcast. Our special guest today is Melody Spencer from Wilmington, North Carolina. She’s a digital marketing and Facebook Ads strategist for High Vibe Biz Babes. Wow, that’s a mouthful. Hey, Melody. Welcome to the show.

Melody Spencer:          Hey. Thank you so much for having me. I know it’s a mouthful. Sorry. I should probably shorten it.

David Brower:              Oh, no, it’s … I love the way you write. I was looking at your bio and your website. I mean, you just write for fun and energy and engagement. That’s gotta make life a lot easier when people are looking to do business with you.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah. I like to … I’ve been doing this a while, and when I first started, I definitely followed all of the to-dos that the experts tell you to do. So I was writing and acting like all the experts tell you to do, but I realized that’s not really me. So I kind of just wanna be myself, and if people pick up on that energy and pick up on what I’m offering, I want to work with them, because we are on the same wavelength, so …

David Brower:              Absolutely. It is about being on the same wavelength, isn’t it? Being able to listen, to converse, to share, to grow together, and bring exciting ideas to the table.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah.

David Brower:              You being a Facebook Ads specialist really impresses me, because, like you, every time I look at something about Facebook Ads, ’cause I don’t know what I don’t know, I talk to an expert or I read a thing on an expert or what, I’m going, “No. It just doesn’t make sense to me.” So I’m really intrigued to talk to you and see how all this works.

David Brower:              What’s your biggest challenge right now, as a business owner?

Melody Spencer:          As a business owner, I would say my biggest challenge is finding the right client. So I get a lot of people who really want free information, but they don’t necessarily want to pay for my services, which is a bit frustrating.

David Brower:              You bet.

Melody Spencer:          But I do love the ones that I do get. So I’m very picky about who I work with, ’cause, like I said before, I wanna be on the same wavelength. I want to know that I can truly help them. So it really depends on their goals and their needs, on if we’re the right fit to work together.

David Brower:              Well, and you’ve got … I think there’s a … Where did I see that word? You used “vibe” in here a couple of times. There you go.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah.

David Brower:              High-vibe female entrepreneurs and coaches. So your soulmate clients are soul-focused, high-vibe female entrepreneurs and coaches. You love helping female business owners learn to utilize Facebook Ads.

David Brower:              So it’s … How do you get that vibe? How do you get that, “Okay, I’m gonna talk to 20 people, but I’m really … At the end of the day, I’m probably only gonna get two”?

Melody Spencer:          I hang out in a lot of Facebook groups where those types of clients hang out as well. I connect to a lot of people on LinkedIn who are my ideal clients. I kind of just … On my Discovery Call process and also on my application process, I kind of weed out the people that I don’t think are the right fit.

Melody Spencer:          I want them to have the kind of attitude and mindset that they’re ready to go. I want them to trust me, I want them to respect me, and I want them to have the money to invest in themselves and their business, because you’re not gonna get much done if you’re not willing to invest in yourself.

David Brower:              Well, you gotta have skin in the game. Otherwise, you’re just trying to rip off the expert and …

Melody Spencer:          Right.

David Brower:              … take some … Right? Take some cream off the top …

Melody Spencer:          Right.

David Brower:              … and head on down to the next expert.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah.

David Brower:              That’s just … That’s infuriating.

Melody Spencer:          Oh, yeah. Yeah. So that would be my biggest issue, is finding the exact right client. I’m still constantly finessing my system, my [inaudible 00:04:12] system. I’ve been doing this for six years, but I’m still growing. I’m still learning.

David Brower:              Isn’t that the best part about being an entrepreneur? It certainly is for me. I get so bored if I’m not learning something, and it can be the smallest thing, but I need to be learning something. I need to have something to look forward to. Just those two things alone, for me, kind of inspire me to do some things.

David Brower:              I love your energy. Man, you just … You have it going on, and to be able to have that …

Melody Spencer:          Oh, thank you.

David Brower:              … energy obviously drives you to continue to grow.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah.

David Brower:              That’s exciting.

Melody Spencer:          Most business owners … What is it, the statistic? Like within two years most people give up? I just don’t have that in me. I don’t have the give-up mentality. I just wanna keep going. Even on my toughest days, I’m like, “I know the perfect clients are out there. Clients I work with love me. I love writing. I love producing my podcast. I love just … I don’t know. I love serving and helping my clients.” So that’s kind of what drives me.

David Brower:              You obviously pay it forward. Right? Because you’ve been …

Melody Spencer:          Yeah.

David Brower:              … doing this for six years, which, in some people’s minds, is a long time, some people’s minds, is not very long. But the reality is to be running your own business for six years and continue to grow and learn and flourish, I mean, that’s attractive to people.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah. I hope so.

David Brower:              So when you get discouraged, when you’ve had a dry spell of finding, “Oh, I gotta find that … Just come on. Give me one more. Give me one more,” how do you get out of that? What do you do to take care of yourself?

Melody Spencer:          I am all about mindset work. So I do mindset journaling, affirmations. I meditate. I have a morning routine that involves all of that that kind of helps me get in a right headspace so I’m not always anxious and stressed and fearful, because, as entrepreneurs, we can definitely let what I call those thought gremlins kind of seep in and start telling us how much we suck and that we can’t do it. But I try to kind of banish those and tell them, “Thank you for those thoughts, but I don’t need you right now. Go away.”

David Brower:              Yeah. “Have a nice day. See you.”

Melody Spencer:          Yeah. But I kind of …

David Brower:              That’s awesome.

Melody Spencer:          I use that mindset routine to really help me just start my day on the right foot.

David Brower:              I understand. I started doing meditation first thing every morning, and once I started doing that, I’m going, “Oh. Now I can kind of get into my day and enjoy my day” …

Melody Spencer:          Yeah.

David Brower:              … “and be more productive and be less stressed. Wow, what a concept.”

Melody Spencer:          Yeah. It took me years to figure that out, and then, now that I do it, I’m like, “Wow. I’m so much less anxious. I’m so much less stressed.” I feel like I won’t shut up about it now. Just friends, I’m like, “Have you tried journaling? Do you mediate?”

Melody Spencer:          They’re like, “Okay. Heard about this. Shut up.”

David Brower:              That’s awesome. So tell me about your Facebook expertise. It says on your website, “Wanna learn how to add 10,000 Facebook fans to your Facebook page in three days?” If that’s not eye-catching and intriguing, I don’t know what is.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah. So I have learned this great process from a mentor I worked with on how to utilize Facebook Ads to grow your Facebook business page really, really quickly.

Melody Spencer:          So it’s all about creating content that people want to engage with. So you’re not saying, “Hey, like my page.” You’re saying, “Hey, do you like this piece of content? If you do, like my page.”

Melody Spencer:          It kind of gets people excited, gets people talking, and it really does grow your page really, really quickly. I did it for myself. I’ve done it for many, many clients, and most of them have over 10,000 followers now.

David Brower:              Wow.

Melody Spencer:          They’ve gotten increased engagement, especially with videos. Videos are hot, hot, hot on Facebook pages. So you can just really grow your page, both with paid traffic and organic traffic, by using this tactic.

David Brower:              Wow. That’s exciting. So how do they … So if they get this traffic … and I love the idea of content. I mean, that’s really the name of the game anymore in social media, is you gotta have some content for people to engage with. Right?

David Brower:              So you create some content for a client. People start engaging with that. Maybe they put up a video. How does all that relate or translate, rather, to revenue for your clients?

Melody Spencer:          So with video views, you can take all the traffic that the people who have used that, turn that into a list in Facebook Ads, and then do what we call retargeting. So you can send those people who have viewed your video to an offer or a landing page or a place on your website and offer them a course, offer them coaching, offer them a product.

Melody Spencer:          Whatever it is, you can take those people – They’re already a warm audience. They’re already excited about you and what you’re doing – and target right to them, which is amazing.

David Brower:              It is amazing, and retargeting has been around for a while. I was … Entrepreneurs are starting to get that, I think, probably in the last four or five years. But there’s been many businesses … I was doing marketing for an automotive group, and we did retargeting all the time.

David Brower:              So if somebody comes on that website and they find a 2017 Jeep Cherokee, well, guess what? That Cherokee’s gonna follow you for a while.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah.

David Brower:              It’s fascinating how that … It’s that kind of Big Brother thing, but it sure is intriguing, and it sure seems to work.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah, it’s a little creepy, I’ll give you that.

David Brower:              Yeah.

Melody Spencer:          When they had their big Facebook data breach, everybody was so shocked. I was not shocked, because I knew what data they had on us, but I just thought they bought that data. That’s what I had heard.

David Brower:              Oh, okay.

Melody Spencer:          I was like, “Well, okay, yeah, it’s not great,” but I wasn’t like, “Oh, my God. I’m leaving Facebook.” I was just like, “Okay, guys, do you realize that Google knows all this stuff about us, Apple knows all this stuff about us? Every major platform we have knows all of this, and they buy it or get it through apps.”

David Brower:              Yep.

Melody Spencer:          So if we left all those things, there would be no Internet.

David Brower:              No, that’s right. That’s well-said, because we … When there is a breach like that, all of a sudden, everybody’s radar goes off, and you go, “Oh, I’m leaving Facebook.” Well, no, no, no. What are you thinking? It’s …

Melody Spencer:          How do you think you get this for free, guys?

David Brower:              Right?

Melody Spencer:          Really?

David Brower:              I mean, there is no free lunch. Come on. That’s just … It’s … Knee-jerk reactions have always fascinated me …

Melody Spencer:          Yeah.

David Brower:              … and not necessarily in a good way.

David Brower:              So you have a blog. You have a podcast. You have opportunities … I love this. Instead of references, it’s called client love. That’s frickin’ brilliant. Opportunities for people to work with you in different ways, and just so many ways. Speaking of content, so many ways to get engaged with you on

Melody Spencer:          Yep.

David Brower:              Very clean, easy to engage website. So do you keep this … Do you change this from time to time to keep it fresh, or …

Melody Spencer:          I am always updating my blog and, of course, my podcast.

David Brower:              Right.

Melody Spencer:          I just relaunched my website a couple months ago. So right now, I’m not changing anything, ’cause I love it. It finally looks the way that I want it to look, finally.

David Brower:              It’s fascinating. Wow. It’s fabulous. I mean …

Melody Spencer:          Well, thank you.

David Brower:              So you have Facebook Ads done for you three months, six months, a one-on-one deep dive. Tell me about those three options. How do those work for people?

Melody Spencer:          Yeah. So the one-on-one deep dive is my cheapest offer, and it’s really just a way for if you have questions or if you’ve been trying ads and they’ve been failing and you don’t know what the heck you’re doing, we can sit down. We can go over your goals. I take a deep look at what you’re doing. I create a PDF document with suggestions and helpful tips.

Melody Spencer:          It’s about two hours of conversation, of auditing, of just really picking my brain for those of you who don’t really have the time or the money to hire me for my done-for-you services.

David Brower:              Right, right. Yeah. Well, that’s cool.

Melody Spencer:          Then …

David Brower:              Yeah.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah. Then my done-for-you services, I do everything. So I help you set up audiences. I help create your goals and objectives. I help create the graphics, if you don’t have a graphic designer. I help create copy. I test everything, optimize everything. Just … It’s really hands-on. I create reporting for you.

Melody Spencer:          So it’s really like having someone take that weight off your shoulders, rather than you having to figure all that out, because most entrepreneurs are busy, busy, busy, and they just don’t wanna take the time to learn how to do that, ’cause it can be quite a learning curve.

David Brower:              They need to be free to run their business, and …

Melody Spencer:          Right.

David Brower:              Right? So if they’re running …

Melody Spencer:          I truly … Yeah.

David Brower:              Yeah. What a concept. “You run your business. I’ll take care of the Facebook Ads for you. It’s just turnkey. Just go away. Go sell something, and I’ll get you some business.”

Melody Spencer:          Yeah. So I offer both three and six months, because I think three months is the minimum to really see really good results, ’cause it takes a lot of finesse and time to test which messaging, which images, which videos resonates with your right audience.

David Brower:              Right.

Melody Spencer:          So you need several months to figure that out. Then six months is even better, ’cause we can do tons of different campaigns.

David Brower:              Well, and you gotta have some traction. People, I would think … This probably comes through your screening process. People … We’re all used to that immediate gratification, and I’m going, “Well, why do I have to wait three months? Come on.”

Melody Spencer:          Yeah.

David Brower:              It really makes perfect sense, the way you’re approaching that, and I’m sure … Like I say, I’m sure that’s probably part of your qualification of clients, is they gotta have the patience to be able to understand what you’re doing for them.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah, I tell people all the time, I say, “Contrary to what you have been told, I am not magic. I am not Harry Potter. I cannot wave a magic wand and make you have a sold-out course or 10 million product buys or whatever.”

David Brower:              Right, right, right.

Melody Spencer:          That’s just … That’s not how digital marketing works. People want you to believe that, but it’s not true. You have to kind of give it some time to let the mojo and magic work.

David Brower:              Well, I think … Absolutely, that’s right, and I think the way you approach that helps defuse people’s ideas about, “Oh, but I got this other guy that can do it for me in 10 days. Come on, can’t you do that?”

David Brower:              There is … Come on, there is no free lunch. You wanna invest in growing your business? Then invest.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah.

David Brower:              If you don’t wanna invest, then head on down the road.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah. Exactly. Yeah. I also … I’ve actually … It’s not even on my website yet, but I just decided to go ahead and talk about it today. I am launching a six-month mentorship slash group course for newbie entrepreneurs. So women who want to start their own businesses, don’t know where to start, we’re gonna cover everything, because I have so much knowledge to give to newbie entrepreneurs, since I’ve been doing this for so long.

David Brower:              Right.

Melody Spencer:          So we’re gonna cover everything, from the mundane, like, “How do you find an accountant? How do you find a lawyer?”, all that, to finding your niche, getting your mindset right, creating your offers, speaking to your audiences, finding clients, all that, everything.

David Brower:              Oh, my gosh. That’s frickin’ brilliant.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah.

David Brower:              I mean, you have people out there that have desire, have passion, and have no idea where to turn that first key, and you’re able to open that up for them and help them flourish.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah. So you guys, keep an eye out on the website. Keep an eye out on my social media. I’m gonna be launching that momentarily, and I’m super excited, ’cause it just feels like the right thing.

David Brower:              Good for you. Good for you. So the website is Swiftly Social – just like it sounds, You can learn everything you wanted to know about Melody, her podcast, her blog, publications, media that she’s been featured in, and, of course, you can sign up to see if you can make the cut. Right?

Melody Spencer:          Yeah. I would love that. Let me know if you wanna work together.

David Brower:              Now, I know you’re focused on high-vibe female entrepreneurs and coaches, but I also saw a guy in there, on the client love thing.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah.

David Brower:              So you’re not exclusively women, right?

Melody Spencer:          It’s just primarily … I usually … When I talk about being on the wavelength, usually I’m on the right wavelength with women.

David Brower:              Yeah.

Melody Spencer:          But I do work with some male clients. It kind of just depends on if we kind of seem like a fit for each other.

David Brower:              That makes sense. I mean …

Melody Spencer:          Yeah.

David Brower:              … it has to be … You gotta be on the same wavelength really, really early on for you and your potential new associate to make things happen, so …

Melody Spencer:          Yeah.

David Brower:              Man, you gotta be excited. You’re just flying off the wall here, you’re so excited.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah, I am. I’m super excited. I really, really love what I do, and I just … Yeah, I wake up every day so grateful and thankful to do what I do and not have to sit behind a desk.

David Brower:              Yeah, right? That’s my goal, is to never have a real job again.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah, exactly.

David Brower:              All right, Melody. This has been so much fun. So people wanna reach out to you, the best way is just to go to your website,

Melody Spencer:          Yeah, or you can email me at

David Brower:              Oh, cool. All right. Folks, you’ll find out her bio, ways you can work with her, her podcast, her blog, contact information, and details on the Facebook Ads done for you three months, six months, and the one-on-one deep dive is really … That’s really a great idea to help you get kicked off.

David Brower:              Then, of course, her surprise, soon-to-be-announced, soon-to-be-broadcast all over social media for newbie entrepreneurs, and thanks for sharing that with us.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah.

David Brower:              That’s exciting, man.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah. Thank you.

David Brower:              All right, Melody. Have a great day. Keep up the great work.

Melody Spencer:          Yeah, thank you, everybody. Have a great day.

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