I’m a baby boomer and we have exactly the same experience, so this is fascinating to me in that when I quit my corporate job in April 30th of ’08 and I took a leap of faith on May 1st of ’08 to be an entrepreneurial, an entrepreneurial guy and run my own voiceover business and those kinds of things. That went along great for a while and then I missed the corporate thing so I did that part-time. Then last fall I’m going, “What in the hell are you doing?”

You know? Go back to what you love. Go back to what you’re passionate about. Then what I discovered a couple of months ago, and exactly as you’re saying through these podcasts, when I sit at home with my wife and my dog or I’m working in the studio, I’m pretty much by myself. I’m immersing myself in my work as you did. Part of the payoff for me in doing these podcasts is doing exactly what you just said. That is talking to unique individuals with unique perspectives, unique experiences, learning from them, having adult conversation and it just changes your life because …

In fact my wife told me the other day, she said, “I’m sure glad you’re doing those podcasts.” I said, “Why is that?” She said, “Because you’re energy is so much better.”

Naresh Vissa:                     Yup. Well, it affects you in all facets of life. I brought up the mental aspect. Well, actually I didn’t bring up the mental aspect, so one thing that’s helped me stay emotionally sane and also help me with my business is mentally challenging myself. That could be, in your case that can be through podcasting and thinking of good questions to ask your guests or topics to ask for guests. That requires some critical thinking.

In my case I mentally exercise my mind by reading good books, listening to good podcasts. I also play a lot of chess, so I have a chess group that I play with every week and that mentally stimulates my mind.

David Brower:                   Nice.

Naresh Vissa:                     I also do a lot of writing myself so I’ve come out with two number one best-selling books during this process. I’m working on a book that’s going to be out later this year. It all exercises the mind. Again, this helps me because it keeps me sharp in the business basics. It keeps me sharp in running my own businesses and in staying up to date on things.

David Brower:                   Well, let’s talk about your book, 50 Shades of Marketing: Whip Your Business Into Shape and Dominate Your Competition. A best-seller and it has great reviews. How did that come about first and foremost? What have you found people coming back to you with in appreciation of your work?

Naresh Vissa:                     Well, the book was really a direct result David, of frustration. I was frustrated with really the clients who I was working with because they just didn’t get the idea of what marketing is, why it’s important and how to go about marketing effectivity. I thought it’s one thing for me to talk to these clients and try to convince them to do things a different way than what they’ve been doing and they’ll just blow me off.

It’s another thing to put it on in writing as a primmer which is what 50 Shades of Marketing is so that I can release it to the world and they can see it for themselves for a low cost. It’s like 4.99 on Kindle and like $11 on paperback and like $15 on audiobook. For a low cost now the entire world has access to kind of my secrets on how I’ve helped myself and other businesses make money through online and digital marketing. The book is more than 250 pages long. It’s well researched. It has charts, it has graphs.

It has data that backs up almost everything that I’ve done and it goes into almost any topic you can think about when it comes to online and digital marketing. That’s why I wrote the book, because there really wasn’t too much information out there, at least in book form. There are probably two other books, one by David Meerman Scott and another one called Traction that do a good job of explaining this. That’s about it. It’s kind of sad to think about you have an entire online ecosystem worth trillions of dollars and there are only two books that were viable in explaining how things worked.

David Brower:                   Wow.

Naresh Vissa:                     So I thought let’s create a primmer that goes through all these topics step-by-step. That’s what 50 Shades of Marketing is.

David Brower:                   The fact that that information was not readily available I’m sure helped create the popularity of your book just organically.

Naresh Vissa:                     Yeah, so now the information is out there so there are blogs out there, there are newsletters out there, but there was nothing that put it all together in one easily digestible format. In the case of 50 Shades of Marketing, you have everything in 250 pages right in front of you. Whereas you can go to a blog and you need to click this one link to learn about Facebook and enter a search term to find out about direct response marketing and then find another article about copywriting. It’s all disjointed, hard to navigate through. 50 Shades of Marketing is sequential and it takes a lot of these sources from online and aggregates them into one simple understandable book.

David Brower:                   Good for you. Good for you. The other book that you wrote is Podcastnomics, if I’m pronouncing that right, The Book of Podcasting and To Make You Millions. It’s also a number one best-seller on Amazon. As a relatively new podcast host I’ll be loading, downloading that audiobook. How did that come about?

Naresh Vissa:                     Well, first off I want to tell you and your listeners, David, if you guys want a free audiobook of 50 Shades of Marketing or Podcastnomics, contact me through K-R-I-S-H, My email’s I will send you guys audio promotion codes so that you can get the books for free.

David Brower:                   Nice.

Naresh Vissa:                     That’s a special offer that I have for your listeners. Now, as far as Podcastnomics goes, that came out a year before 50 Shades of Marketing and it, kind of similar. It was not frustration, but it was more podcasting was such a new medium and I saw firsthand when I was working full-time at a company, I ran, I created their online and radio network which was a podcasting network. We were making north of … We were making five figures a week, a week.

David Brower:                   Wow.

Naresh Vissa:                     We were doing extremely well making all sorts of money. That’s when I learned, you know what? This podcasting could actually become a very lucrative business or a very lucrative medium. That was the genesis of Podcastnomics. A lot of, most of my friends didn’t even know what podcasting was, what it meant, so Podcastnomics is a primmer on what is podcasting, the opportunities that exist within podcasting, how to go about starting your own podcast and most importantly, how to make money off of the podcasts. It walks readers through step-by-step on the full podcasting process from soup to nuts.

David Brower:                   Outstanding. Outstanding. We’re about out of time, so I want to make sure that people understand the best way to get ahold of you, not only to take advantage of your generous offer of the audible download opportunities, but also just to reach out to you to learn more about what you do, how you do it. I don’t know if you do any consulting to help businesses now, but fill people in on what you have available for them.

Naresh Vissa:                     Absolutely, my business is Krish Media Marketing. It’s an online business, consultancy and agency so we do consult with businesses of all sizes, one man bands all the way up to large publicly traded corporations worth billions of dollars. Anything that’s online or digital, we can help you monetize, we can help you with search engine optimization, copywriting, just all sorts of things. You can see our full list of services at, K-R-I-S-H, You can get the books on Amazon. Contact me if you want to take advantage of my offer to give away free audiobooks, the 50 Shades of Marketing or Podcastnomics.

Or you can have both of them too. Just send me an email. If you want to get on my free newsletter that gives you more information, it provides info on how to become a better online marketer and online digital business person, my full name N-A-R-E-S-H, V-I-S-S-A., you can get on the newsletter there and we promise we won’t spam you. We’ll only send you a couple of mailings a month at most.

David Brower:                   That sounds terrific. I’m signing up for that and I’m going to download your book for sure. This has been a treat for me, man. Very informative and very educational and very uplifting in a lot of ways. I really appreciate you sharing your life experience and business experience with us.

Naresh Vissa:                     Thank you, David. I think we had a very successful connection today.

David Brower:                   I agree. I agree. Our special guest, Naresh Vissa. Again, it’s N-A-R-E-S-H, Of course and Krish is K-R-I-S-H. Be sure to reach out to him. You’ve been listening to your 20 Minute Podcast with David Brower and our special guest again Naresh Vissa. Thanks for listening and be sure to follow us on Facebook at