You’ll need a professional-grade recording studio costing less than $500. Listed below are the tools and items you’ll need to get started.


You’ll need a desktop or laptop computer with Apple or Windows software. Unfortunately, tablets are not sufficient.


You’ll need a microphone and an audio interface. The combined cost should be around $400.

Audio Editing Software

Pro Tools “Intro” software is recommended. You can download this FREE SOFTWARE from You’ll also need an iLok Key for $49.95. Once you have this, you’ll be ready for the Studio Proficiency class.

Acoustic Treatment

A walk-in closet is a great place to get started. If you do not have one, we can brainstorm other affordable ideas to help you create an ideal environment.


You’ll need to be highly proficient in the use of a digital audio workstation (DAW) such as Audacity, Audition, Twisted Wave, or Pro Tools. If not, you will need to sign up for our “Studio Proficiency Class” taught by Allan Blackwell. Why? When you record broadcast quality audio on your DAW it’s just not as simple as “hit the button” and record. We’ll teach you the intricate details involved to make that happen so that the person on the other end will know immediately that you are a professional voice actor just by listening to the quality of your work.

Studio Proficiency Class

The overall premise of the class is to help you understand how to engineer your projects on your own. Becoming your own engineer is not as overwhelming as you may think. Allan prides himself on making sure every student “gets it”. 

 Bottom line: when your audition or project is sent for review, we want your potential client to think: “Nice work, sounds great!” and NOT “What were they thinking???” So, Let’s Begin! 


 1. Equipment selection, including but not limited to:

  • Computer requirements 
  • Software (primarily Pro Tools Intro on Windows) 
  • Hardware selection: Interface, microphone, headphones 
  • Backup options 
  • Tuning your room 

2. Basic signal flow and recording protocol

  • What gets hooked up where, and why 
  • Sample rate and bit depth 

3. Plugins. When, where, why and why not

  • Correct use of EQ, compression, gating 

4. Recording technique DOs and DON’Ts

  • Revision considerations 
  • Mic technique 

5. Final delivery protocol

  • File formats 
  • Basic level considerations 
  • Proofing 
  • File sizes as related to E-mail vs Dropbox vs WeTransfer 


$400 $247 (for a limited time) – Single Payment


Once your four weeks are completed you will have four (4) free 30min one on one sessions with Allan for any kind of technical support that you may need over the next 90 days.


Next, you’ll be ready for our “Voice Over Coaching” class, taught by David Brower, This is an essential coaching course to get you started on your voice over journey.

Voice Over Coaching

Our one-on-one voice over coaching consists of six (6) 30 minute sessions

What you will learn:

  • Deciding the Niche’ for Your First Demo – you’ll read at least a sixteen (16) eLearning, commercials, audiobooks, medical narration, and corporate scripts to help decide what that first demo niche’ should be. You can always do more demos later.
  • Text Analysis – 3 steps that you need to use for every script you will ever read.
  • I will ask you to be “uncomfortably slow” when reading scripts. It will improve your performance like nothing you could ever imagine and make you bookable.
  • Conversational Reads are incredibly challenging for most of us. I can show you in just a few minutes what it took me weeks to learn; how to create a true conversational read.
  • Ask yourself: Do you know people who know people who know people who can help bring you business sooner rather than later? Let’s get that income moving.
  • I’ll help you discover your “Voice Age.” Physical age means nothing as a Voice Actor. Voice Age categories: teen, young adult, adult, middle-aged, or senior. And YES, you can audition for more than one “age” if your skills permit it.

I can coach on you virtually every niche’ out there except for animation and video games. They are not a part of my wheelhouse, also I only do demos in English.


Included with the Demo Package but it can also be purchased separately for $297.


To start making money in Voice Acting, you’ll need your “calling card” which is a professional demo produced by David Brower. David has over 10 years’ experience in coaching and producing demos for beginning Voice Actors, of all ages, and from all walks of life.

Free Consultation

We’ll spend 15-30 minutes talking about your goals and deciding if we are a good match for one another.

Demo Package

Your professionally produced demo includes:

  • Six (6) LIVE one-on-one Coaching sessions, as outlined in “Voice Over Coaching” above.
  • These sessions are twice a week for 3 weeks on the same day and at the same time each week.
  • As well as the recording, production, and delivery of your professionally produced demo.
  • You will have your demo in your hands, ready to use, no later than two (2) weeks after your last coaching session.


$1,300 $997.00 (for a limited time) – Single Payment

$1,500 – 2 payments of $750

Our slogan “Let’s Begin” opens the conversation to any steps needed...

to create and maintain a successful Voice-Over career. From the technical side to understanding and performing scripts of all types to creating an amazing DEMO.

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