Medical Narration Services provide content specifically designed for the training of medical industry professionals, as well as academia and patient education. From entry level staff to residents to HR to nurses to highly-experienced surgeons and that walk-in medical emergency, Medical Narration Services tells and sells who you are.

As a Medical Narrator it is critical that I not only have a credible and authoritative voice but also a confidently conversational delivery so that medical professionals have complete trust in my ability to comprehend complex material and that I am fluent in medical terminology.

Many health care institutions need a medical voice over to provide recorded versions of their reports and study results for clinicians to listen to while on their way to and from work.

Medical Narration Services are the key ingredient for the voice over needs of Hospitals, Clinics, and Health Care Systems. From HR videos to health care eLearning to tours of facilities to introductions of departments and staff and even their phone systems, radio and television commercials and more.

Plain and simple…Medical Narration Services should be provided by a professionally trained voice actor who specializes in Medical Narration at every level and for every need.