My book “Love Ya, Mom” is now available wherever books are sold


HARD COVER – $33.95
SOFT COVER – $14.99
Kindle Edition – $3.99
Audiobook – coming soon

For an autographed copy please send me your purchased book, along with $5 (for shipping and handling) and who you would like it autographed for and I’ll take care of it immediately upon receipt.

love ya mom

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David Brower
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BIOGRAPHY – AUTOBIOGRAPHY – MEMOIR “Uplifting and hopeful, a touching memoir by oneof America’s great communicators In David Brower’s loving and inspirational tribute to his mother, he shares the intimate details of lessons learned from a difficult childhood and his own journey from illness to recovery.”
Susan Berkley
Owner and Founder of The Great Voice Company

“A read for anyone that admires David Brower, the smooth and cool voice on radio, who speaks volumes on a personal level to where you’ll laugh, cry and relate to many of the emotions his writing sparks during a very personal journey that will open your heart and mind for pages and chapters to come.”
Adrienne Mazzone
President, Trans Media Group

“What a lovely, earnest memoir that was incredibly hard to put down! Thank you, David Brower, for an authentic, entertaining, and loving look back at your journey that captures the flaws, lessons, and triumphs that life indelibly throws at us. A true heartfelt salute to your mother and the loving bond that connected you both.”
G. Brian Benson
Award-Winning Author and TEDx Speaker