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David Brower and his wife Karen on the Red Carpet at the Voice Arts Awards in New York City. David and Karen's priorities include their faith, family, and friends. They pride themselves on their integrity and "paying it forward".

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David William Brower was born in Idaho Falls, ID to Lenis and Madeline Brower. An only child, he grew up an introvert with not many interests and very few friends.

In high school, he excelled in typing and music but that was about it. In his junior year, his English teacher figured out a way to turn on his creative juices. The assignment? To write a paper with the title “Why Is a Mouse When It Spins?” He got a B+ and was forever on a creative bent after that. “Boy, do I wish I still had that paper!”

He enlisted in the Navy as a radioman and was assigned to a World War II diesel boat Submarine during Vietnam. He has been a true patriot ever since. Today, he is a member of the Patriot Guard and a life-time member of The Veterans of Foreign Wars.

After the Navy, he was recruited by the CIA to be a communications specialist but ended up not receiving the job. “I think maybe the huge afro in my application photo may have cost me that job.”

He then attended a Junior College to study radio and television only to leave after a year and a half to secure a full-time job as an on-air announcer, salesperson, and play by play announcer at KNND-AM in Cottage Grove, OR.  “While still an introvert at heart, Radio gave me the freedom to become an extrovert…what a gift!”

After 28 years, he finished his radio career with a 10-year stint as Corporate Vice President and General Manager for a group of radio stations in Chico, CA.

Next, he was recruited to Colorado to work as an Employment Specialist with a .com job. Unfortunately, that was the same year the .dot com industry tanked in Colorado.

But always looking forward, he landed a new job with the 8th, largest automotive group in the country. While running their in-house advertising agency in Denver, he worked with 29 dealerships in 12 states doing all their creative and budget work for 6 ½ years.

That company left Colorado on April 30, 2008, leaving him unemployed. That very next day he took a “leap of faith” to start his dream job as a full-time, professional voice actor and sound designer with his own personal studio and has never looked back.

He has been a fulltime Professional Voice Actor since May 1st, 2008, providing Voice-Overs and sound design for over 500 clients in 85+ countries around the world.

He is a 5-time Nominee* for The Voice Arts Awards

(the voice over industry version of the Oscars/Emmys).

*Outstanding Commercial Demo – Best Male Voice (3x nominee)

*Outstanding Radio Commercial – Automotive

*Outstanding Podcast – Your 20 Minute Podcast with David Brower

As well as being selected as the voice talent for a United Rentals Corporate video that won an “ADDY Award” for The Lavidge Company.

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